Anker Heergaard square antique stove with oven

Anker Heergaard square antique stove with oven

Made in 1905

Around the turn of the 19th century, tall double oven stoves like this one were reserved for the very finest of Danish drawing rooms as they were among the best stoves that money could buy. Anker Heergaard, as the Royal Foundry (hence the crowned ‘F’ for King Frederik on the side), already had the reputation of being the best stove designers, and when you see the wonderfully intricate relief work on this stove you can see why.

This antique stove has a central oven with a hotplate that can be removed for adding longer logs to the fire and also a top coffee pot warming oven as well, for those who like a steady supply of hot coffee..
This stove stands at over 2m tall, and will put out 5-10Kw.

It comes with a riddling grate, ashpan and wrought iron handle.

Anker Heergard ‘Cabinet’ stove                 [Sold]