Antique stove restoration process

Once a client has selected their stove from viewing showroom images we provide, the stove is then brought into the workshop where it is completely dismantled right down to its last nut and bolt, and every piece checked over for hidden damage or cracks. Any defects are rectified with a variety of specialist techniques including; welding and brazing, ‘Museum repair’ such as pinning and bridging and, where necessary we will have parts re-cast.

All parts such as grates, ashpans, riddling mechanisms etc are replaced with new. The stove will then be rebuilt from the bottom up with a cast brick liner to provide maximum protection for future long life.

The restored stove while it may be a hundred years old, is then as functional and as beautiful as the day it was made (sometimes even improved or improved by detailing.)  It is then ready to continue its job as a highly durable, efficient source of heat in your home. Since each stove is a unique antique, it will certainly be increasing in value as it warms your home.

We seek to provide as much history as possible covering details such as its country of origin, the town where it was made, approximate year it was made etc.

We also provide as much information as you might need to install the stove, how to use it and we are on hand if any advice is needed by yourself or your installer throughout the entire journey.