Rasmussen short ‘Flat Hat’ stove

Rasmussen short ‘Flat Hat’ stove

Ras Fl hat Kettle detRas Fl Hat M door det.Ras flat hat catch detailRas Fl Hat B door detRas Flat H OpenRas Fl H topRas flat hat FL

This stove made by the Rasmussen foundry [Odense] in 1918, is the ‘short’ version of an ‘Austerity’ model, utilitarian in its concept it presents gorgeously simple lines executed with a wonderfully Scandinavian sense of proportion.

It has three doors- two  with air controls on them : the bottom one affording access to the for ashpan and ‘primary’ air control. The second, pierced with a mica window,  to give a view of the flames when closed, can be opened giving access to the  heat of the front fire behind the front grate direct. This ‘secondary’ air control increases the efficiency of this really useful and efficient stove.  Although this access also allows riddling, this  is generally carried out by activating the riddling ‘arm’ connected to a [brand new]  ‘travelling’  bottom grate mechanism. The top door allows the feeding of small logs throughthe front – without disturbing whatever one has on the go on the top plate.  One of the really charming, and practical, features of this stove is this wide top plate which allows the user to have a kettle boiling in the -removeable -middle of the hot plate and a tea or coffee pot keeping warm on the edge.

Topping the whole stove off is the fabulous round top cover which is replaced to keep the hotplate up to heat when its not in use.

This stove stands at approx 140cm giving an output of 5-10 kW.